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Harlequin is both synonymous with romance and a major publishing entity. Under the Harlequin umbrella are many different types of romance ranging from inspirational to traditional to sexy. Each imprint has its own personality and devoted fanbase.

Current Harlequin Imprints

Defunct Harlequin Imprints

  • Flipside
  • Love and Laughter - The Love and Laughter line featured short, humorous stories. The line later became Flipside. While humor remains a popular topic, dedicated Harlequin lines never seem to catch on with readers.
  • Temptation - Temptation was Harlequin's long-running sensual line. As the hotter Blaze line drew off readers, Temptation finally ceased publication in 2005.
    • Heat - Originally intended to draw readers looking for hotter, sexier reads, the Heat line morphed into Blaze.