James Buchanan

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James Buchanan grew up in a small Southwestern town, hours away from any other small Southwestern town. A stint at the State University, where he obstensibly majored in English, garnered him a degree usesful for being someone's secretary. The absolute lack of employment oportunities led James to Southern California. After a stint in County Mental Health (administration not client) he ran screaming into the field of Law.

In order to maintain his sanity James writes. At first, no one ever wanted to buy what he wrote. Then the revelation came: “it’s all about the sex.” His first feeble attempts went up on Literotica. After he’d honed his style, he was able to start selling his works. It still amazes James that people pay him to write gay male/bi-sexual sex stories. Although there is always an element of romanticism in his work, James’ stories are often labeled “dark,” “atmospheric,” and “edgy.”

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