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What? You want more about romance? We have resources for readers and writers.


Awards are given by various romance industry organizations, by review publications and websites, and writer associations. For a list of awards, go here.


These are websites that provide a variety of information and forums for readers and writers to interact about romance! See also Author Hangouts for other sites maintained by authors.

Cover Artists

Covers have always been important in romance publishing. As the popularity of eBooks has risen, the need for top graphic designers to create their cover art has expanded.

  • Tuesday Dube` of Purple Ink Graphics and Designs offers custom book covers, website headers, banners, bookmarks, business cards, and other promotional services.

Educational Programs

See also Category:Writing Scholarships for other resources.





See Review Sites for a list of online reviews. Also see Author Hangouts for sites that discuss writing and occasional reviews or information about books.


  • For links to pages with information about terms often used when discussing romance, see Romance Terms.
  • For links to pages with information about terms used in connection with the publishing industry, see Publishing Terms.