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"Mating Net" - 2005 (New Concepts Publishing)

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Series/Related Titles

  1. Forced Mate
  2. Insufficient Mating Material
  3. Knight's Fork

Prequel - Mating Net

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KNIGHT'S FORK October 2008

  • 2008 Authors' Choice Award, December
  • 2008 PNR Reviewer's Top Pick (October)
  • 2008 PNR Staff mention
  • 2008 PNR Reviewer's Top Pick (October)
  • 2008 LASR Readers' Choice Book of the Week


  • 2008 PRISM Award Third
  • 2008 Anne Bonney Awards Most Humorous Category, finalist
  • 2008 Hollywood Book Festival, winner Romance Category
  • 2008 Golden Quill Award, finalist
  • 2007 CAPA Award Best Fantasy of 2007
  • 2007 FANTASM AWARD Best Futuristic of 2007
  • 2007 SINGLETITLES.COM Best Print book with strong romantic elements
  • 2007 Night Owl Romance (Spring) award, best FFP
  • 2007 finalist PEARL AWARDS (futuristic)
  • 2007 finalist Golden Quill awards (paranormal)
  • 2007 finalist USA BookNews Best Books Fiction, Romance

FORCED MATE November 2004

  • 2006 Eppie Finalist
  • 2005 PEARL Finalist, Best SF Romance or Futuristic
  • 2005 PEARL Awards, Honorable Mention, Best New Author
  • 2005 Affaire De Coeur Readers/Reviewers Choice Awards, Finalist
  • 2005 Desert Rose Golden Quill Awards, Finalist
  • 2005 Beacon Awards, Third Place
  • 2004 JADA Press Book Of The Year Awards, Honorable Mention

MATING NET November 2005

2006 PEARL Awards, Finalist—Best Novella 2005 Preditors and Editors Poll—Fourth Place 2005 USA BookNews, winner E-Fiction


Knight's Fork

"Just be warned that you will collect strange looks for laughing uncontrollably in public. " ~Shaiha

Knight’s Fork is deliciously racy and erotic. The whole novel revolves around sex!

You could compare Cherry’s novel to Laurell K. Hamilton’s Meredith Gentry series about fairies because the Princess Electra seeks to get pregnant just like Meredith does. Or you could compare the novel to the Twilight Saga with ‘Rhett being a virgin, sworn to a vow of chastity, similar to Edward’s chase behavior. Whatever parallels you draw, Cherry=2 0spins a great story.~Keira’s-fork-by-rowena-cherry/

I just finished reading Knight's Fork. What a wonderful read. The book had everything.

Intrigue, diplomatic dissimulation, misinterpretation of idioms and literary and pop cultural puns, genetics, speciesism, truth and legalism and sexual tension and erotic thoughts and dreams from beginning to end. Oh and of course space travel. What book has ever had more.

Your sense of humor had me laughing every moment I wasn't feeling empathy for Rhett and Electra in a galaxy full of draconian laws and honor. I look forward to reading Forced Mate, which I just picked up this afternoon along with Linnea Sinclair's Hope's Folly. Fantastic,

Ray ~Ray Getzinger

I am a fan of Rowena Cherry. No doubt about it. She's a stellar writer, and her worlds are incredibly intricate. Not to mention the fact that her Djinn Princes are mouth-wateringly hot and scrumptious.~ Brenna

“Another wacky and wicked romantic romp from the talented keyboard of Rowena Cherry! With her trademark droll humor, she attacks intergalactic politics, sets up a sizzling romance and throws in a colorful—and memorable—cast of characters that rivals the best that Monty Python ever produced. A wonderfully fun read.” ~Linnea Sinclair, RITA® award winning author of SHADES OF DARK A total hoot! ~Linnea Sinclair// Interstellar Adventure Infused with Romance// Available Now from Bantam: Shades of Dark 2009: Hope's Folly

Insufficient Mating Material

Wonderful twists and turns! The irony of plots gone wrong and plain bad luck are a joy to read. And it doesn't end here. One of the ingenious things about this series is that the books fit together like puzzle pieces, building on each other to raise the tension from couple to couple.~ Brenna

"Another pawn bites the dust in Cherry's latest intergalactic chess match"

Too much fun! With considerable wit and many surprising twists INSUFFICIENT MATING MATERIAL quickly captivates its audience. Readers will soon find themselves completely caught up in the game play. Who will be the Tarrant-Arragon's next pawn? The final scene sets the stage for the next game. One sister down and one to go....but wait big sister Electra-Djerroldina is already strategically married to an alien ally! Stay tuned to see how the wicked chessmaster frees this queen in KNIGHT'S FORK.

[FYI: Insufficient mating material is a chess term meaning neither player has the ability to checkmate the other which is where Tarrant-Arragon and Jetth stand with each other. Now imagine the connotation Martia-Julia would put on this expression if heard out of context. This should give you a good idea of what the poor man is up against.]

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch, paranormalromance

"Stellar wit, wonderful characters and amazing research into basic and not so basic survival techniques..... This was without a doubt one of my favorite reads of 2006!" ~ Kenda Montgomery

What a fantastic read! A book full of sensuality, humour, intrigue and action. I loved it! I always knew survival had many erotic and exciting possiblities. Rowena Cherry proved it with Insufficient Mating Material! ~Les Stroud AKA Survivorman

If you look up the word spellbinding in the dictionary of authors - Rowena Cherry is right at the very top. She writes about alien universes as if they exist and she's lived there and characters as if they are real and she's know them. Fantasy fiction at its very best.~M.J. Rose, author (

Forced Mate

5 Stars! Well done and very romantic... a true page turner! ~ Cindy Lynn Speer, Affaire De Coeur

This futuristic romance is one that you won’t want to miss! ~ Cy Korte, and PNR Reviews

5 Blue Ribbons. FORCED MATE is one of the best science fiction romances I’ve read all year. ~ Nicole Hulst,

5 Roses! FORCED MATE absolutely ROCKS! ~ Brenda Thatcher, EscapeToRomance.

I think Rowena's true skill is that she weaves this intricate world of aliens and sex just the same way J.K. Rowling weaves the world of Wizards.~Des DiFabio, bookclubqueen

Mating Net

It's a racy, razor edge of a tale, which will leave you amazed…. ~ Deborah MacGillivray, author of A Restless Knight

"This is an incredible tale! ... I have no doubt that after reading this you will look up Rowena Cherry's other books. They’re all this good! ~ Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

5 Stars. MATING NET is a fantastic romantic science fiction novel that grips the audience.... As with FORCED MATE, Rowena Cherry provides a strong relationship drama inside a thrilling sci fi tale. ~ Harriet Klausner,

4 Stars. This prequel to FORCED MATE pits brother against brother. Both want to mate with the lovely Helispeta....This is a well-wrought and fast-moving tale.~ Donna M Brown, Romantic Times.