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Jude Deveraux is the pen-name of Jude Gilliam. She is an American Romance novel author who is well-known for her historical romance. She was a 5th-grade teacher prior to her debut as a writer.

She war was born on September 20, 1947 in Fairdale, Kentucky. Jude has an extensive family in Kentucky, and when young, her family moved to another state, she felt lonely and began to write. The heroine of her stories was always called Jude, and was brave and audacious.

In 1967, young Jude married Mr. White, four years later they divorced. She went to Murray State University and received a degree in Art. Jude also married Claude Montassir. She began writing in 1976, and her first book, The Enchanted Land was published in 1978 coinciding with the adoption of her son: Sam Alexander Montassir.

After divorcing, she currently lives in North Carolina and also has a home in Italy. Her son Sam died at the age of eight in a motorcycle accident.

Her historical romances often have storylines centered on strong heroines and how they meet the heroes. Deveraux has participated in multiple romance anthologies with collections of shorter stories along with other romance authors. Although she is best known for her medieval romances, Deveraux has begun branching out into later time periods, including post-Revolutionary America and Colorado in the late 1800s. She has written several time-travel romances, and her latest novels have been set in contemporary times. The Forever trilogy also deals with paranormal concepts. Many of her books follow the same family, the Montgomerys, through time and across continents, leading fans to regularly try to keep track of their family tree in the novels.

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