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We encourage you to add your knowledge to our history of romance fiction. Writer, reader, reviewer, publishing professional -- your contributions will help tell the stories behind the romance! We chose the wiki format because it makes it easy to create pages and entries. And -- we cannot overstate this -- the interlinking wiki style makes it easy to waste hours reading about the romance genre!

If you're ready to jump right in, may we suggest starting in one of our key areas: Books, Authors, Romance History, or even Romance Genres? Or use one of those areas as a starting point for your own contribution to the wiki.

If you need a little guidance, we've created a help page with some editing tips and links to great editing tools. If all else fails, copy and paste your content into an email and send to [email protected] It may take a little longer to get your update posted, but we will get to it.

Also, if you aren't sure what to do in a particular page, here's an approach with which you can never really go wrong: navigate to the talk/discussion page associated with the article, hit the " " or "edit" tab, and make a comment on what you think needs changing. Remember to end your comment by pushing the "signature" button (second from the right) above the edit pane, which will timestamp and sign your comment. This is a great way of making notes for yourself and others interested in a particular article about what needs to be done and what may have already been accomplished.

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