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Harlequin usually refers to the publishing company Harlequin Enterprises Limited, a Toronto, Ontario-based company that is the world's leading publisher of romance and women's fiction. The company publishes nearly 110 new titles each month in 27 different languages, primarily category romances.

About the Company

Publisher's Lines

Within the publishing company of Harlequin there are several lines including:

Harlequin Imprints

Current Imprints

Defunct Harlequin Imprints

  • Duets - A humor line featuring two books in one.
  • Harlequin Everlasting Love
  • Harlequin Next - Women's fiction series from 2005 to 2008
  • Flipside - A line of chick-lit flavored romantic comedy. (2003-2005)
  • Harlequin Love And Laughter - The Love and Laughter line featured short, humorous stories. The line was merged with Silhouette's Yours Truly line to form the Duets line.
  • Harlequin Nocturne Bites - a paranormal short e-book imprint launched in 2008 under Silhouette imprint and last book was published December 2011 under Harlequin imprint.
  • Mystique - Mystique ran from August 1977 to February 1982. The series was romantic suspense, mostly set in foreign locales.
  • Harlequin Temptation - Temptation was Harlequin's long-running sensual line. As the hotter Blaze line drew off readers, Temptation finally ceased publication in 2005.
    • Heat - Blaze was the original "flash" on the cover of Temptation books drawing readers looking for hotter, sexier reads. After Blaze became its own line, the Heat "flash" debuted.
  • Violet - Violet was Harlequin's manga line, renamed Ginger Blossom. Only existing titles were reprinted as manga.

Harlequin & Silhouette Reissue Series

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