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Jules Jones is a British author of science fiction and erotic romance, mostly with m/m themes. Much of her work is cross-genre, being science fiction or fantasy with a strong romance element. Some is written in collaboration with writing partner Alex Woolgrave. Her day job is materials science, and it tends to show -- many of her characters are scientists, engineers, and sundry other geeks.

On the Web




Obscure science publications from the day job, and hence not listed here.


Short Stories

Series/Related Titles

Buildup - dark futuristic with consensual D/s elements

The Syndicate -- written in collaboration with Alex Woolgrave. Futuristic romantic comedy.

  • print:
    • omnibus trade paperback of Volumes 1&2

Spindrift series -- fantasy series about a group of silkies (selkies) living in a fishing village in present day Scotland.