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Welcome to the RomanceWiki

We've added a ton of new content in the past month -- and still have a long way to go! Special thanks to the many contributors who have added information. If you want to add to the wiki, jump right in or read the Getting Started page for ideas.

Because we know how busy people are, we've started a monthly newsletter to keep you updated on what's new with the wiki. You can sign up here. To celebrate the newsletter's launch, we'll be randomly drawing names from our mailing list and sending out a RomanceWiki bag filled with books every month!

Featured Items

  • Jill Monroe -- We're celebrating the release of Jill's excellent second book, Share The Darkness. Though not mentioned in her wiki bio, Jill also spent many hours tracking down information on Golden Heart winners.
  • Debut Novels - You only get to debut once. These are the books that launched exciting careers. Know of other debut novels? Go ahead and them to the category!
  • Romance And Movies - Favorite romantic movies and more!

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