A Milestone Partnership: Pioneering Specialty Alumina Production in the UAE

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In a groundbreaking move, Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA), the UAE’s premier alumina producer, has entered into a landmark supply agreement with The Alumina Industrial Company. This collaboration is set to catalyze the development of the UAE’s first alumina specialty products production facility, marking a significant leap in the nation’s industrial capabilities.

Background on Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA)

Established as the backbone of the UAE’s aluminum industry, EGA has distinguished itself as the only alumina producer within the country. With its Al Taweelah alumina refinery, EGA has been self-sufficient, directing all produced alumina to its own smelters until now.

The Alumina Industrial Company’s Vision

Emerging from the strategic partnership between Maithan Group and Bathwal Corporation, The Alumina Industrial Company aims to revolutionize the UAE’s alumina market. By setting up in the Khalifa Economic Zone in Abu Dhabi, the venture promises to enhance the local supply chain and reduce dependency on imported materials.

Specialty Alumina Products and Their Applications

Specialty alumina products are crucial to a multitude of industries, offering unparalleled benefits in refractory materials, abrasives, and beyond. This venture is expected to meet the burgeoning demand within the UAE’s thriving steel, aluminum, petrochemical, glass, and cement sectors.

Implications of the Supply Agreement

This supply agreement marks EGA’s first venture into selling alumina to third parties, a testament to its strategic foresight and commitment to fostering industrial growth. The partnership with The Alumina Industrial Company is a pivotal step towards diversifying the applications of alumina produced in the UAE.

Future Prospects

With an initial production target of 80,000 tons of specialty alumina products annually, potentially expanding to 150,000 tons, The Alumina Industrial Company is poised to significantly contribute to the UAE’s industrial sector. This initiative not only aims to supplant the need for imported alumina but also to position the UAE as a key player in the global alumina market.


The collaboration between EGA and The Alumina Industrial Company represents a strategic alignment with the UAE’s broader economic diversification goals. By fostering innovation and reducing reliance on imports, this partnership is a testament to the UAE’s commitment to strengthening its industrial base and securing a sustainable future.

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