Alcoa’s Strategic Shift: Closure of Kwinana Alumina Plant Reshapes Aluminum Landscape

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In a pivotal announcement on January 9, 2024, Alcoa Corp. declared the complete shutdown of its Kwinana alumina plant in Australia, marking the end of a nearly 60-year legacy. This decision, affecting one of Alcoa’s three alumina plants in Western Australia, brings significant implications for the industry, employees, and the global aluminum market.

Background: The Kwinana alumina plant, operational for six decades, faced challenges in recent years, operating at approximately 80% since January 2023 due to low-grade ore and financial pressures. This context sets the stage for understanding the factors leading to the monumental decision.

Factors Influencing the Decision: Insights from Matt Reed, Alcoa’s executive vice president, shed light on the multifaceted decision-making process. The plant’s age, size, operating costs, bauxite grades, and prevailing market conditions collectively influenced the strategic choice to curtail its operations.

Implementation and Impact: Phased layoffs, commencing in early 2024 and concluding with a reduced workforce of about 50 by the third quarter of 2025, accompany the plant’s closure. Although some processes continue, the overall alumina production reduction aims to optimize Alcoa’s operations and financial outlook.

Global Implications and Industry Trends: The Kwinana alumina plant accounts for 1.2% of the world’s total alumina production capacity, historically a key supplier in the Middle East. This shutdown aligns with global challenges in bauxite supply, potentially influencing international alumina spot prices.


As Alcoa bids farewell to the Kwinana alumina plant, the industry witnesses the conclusion of an era. Beyond the immediate impact, the strategic decision reflects broader trends in the aluminum sector, underlining the need for adaptability and resilience in a dynamic market.

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