Aluminium and Beyond: Choosing the Ideal Pool Fence for Australian Homes

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Aluminium and Beyond: Choosing the Ideal Pool Fence for Australian Homes

Pool ownership in Australia is more than a luxury; it’s a lifestyle. With nearly 2.7 million Australians owning a swimming pool, as per the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA), the emphasis on pool safety, particularly fencing, has never been more significant.

Understanding Pool Fence Regulations

In Australia, pool fencing is not just a matter of choice but a legal requirement. Each state has its regulations, with some uniformity Australia-wide and unique variations in different states or city councils. It’s crucial to be well-informed about these to ensure compliance and safety.

Choosing the Right Pool Fence

Selecting the right pool fence involves several considerations: the material, design compatibility with your landscape, local council requirements, and, importantly, your maintenance budget. Above all, the paramount factor is pool safety, aiming to reduce the risk of accidents, especially for children.

Materials for Pool Fencing

The choice of materials for pool fencing is diverse, ranging from Glass, PVC, Steel, Aluminium, to Timber and innovative options like NewTechWood Composite. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, balancing factors like durability, maintenance needs, aesthetic appeal, and compliance with Australian Standards.

Aluminium Pool Fencing: An Optimal Choice

Aluminium stands out as a popular choice for pool fencing. Its resistance to rust and corrosion makes it ideal for coastal areas. Unlike iron, aluminium requires minimal maintenance, and although not as strong, it offers a practical balance between durability and ease of handling.

Innovative Pool Fencing Options

Emerging trends in pool fencing, such as NewTechWood composite timber, offer homeowners the natural timber look without the maintenance hassles. These innovative solutions are transforming pool fencing, combining aesthetic appeal with practicality and durability.


Choosing the right pool fence is a critical decision for any Australian pool owner. While aesthetics and design are important, safety and durability are paramount. Aluminium and innovative materials like NewTechWood are paving the way for pool fences that meet all these criteria, ensuring a safe and beautiful pool area for Australian homes.

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