Aluminium Bahrain Eyes Expansion: A Strategic Leap into Saudi Exchange and Aluminium’s Global Influence

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Aluminium Bahrain, commonly known as Alba, stands tall as one of the world’s largest aluminum smelters. With an air of strategic foresight, Alba is contemplating a monumental move — a secondary listing on the Saudi Exchange, known as Tadawul. This decision dances in step with the Bahraini government’s imminent determinations on natural gas supply and pricing strategies for the upcoming five-year span. This article dives deep into the facets of Alba’s decision, examining its potential impact on shareholders and the broader aluminum market.

Alba’s Current Market Position

Currently, Alba’s financial footprint is imprinted on the Bahrain Bourse and London Stock Exchange. Since June 2022, deliberations have been active about gracing the Saudi Exchange with its presence. With SABIC Industrial Investments holding a 20.6% share and Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company owning a robust 69.4%, the stakeholder ensemble is impressive.

Financial Performance and Operational Highlights

Despite the ebb in profits — dropping to BD29.9 million in Q2 2023 from BD181.9 million the year before — Alba’s production wheel has spun faster, churning out 405,628 metric tonnes in Q3 2023. Since its inception in 1968, Alba has climbed the production ladder, now exceeding 1.6 million metric tons annually, with a pledge to transparent, fact-based reporting.

The Significance of a Secondary Listing

The potential Tadawul listing is more than a business maneuver; it’s a conduit to enhanced shareholder value, closely tied to the government’s gas supply and pricing edicts. For Alba, it could signify a fortified market position and diversified investor base, all the while ensuring a stable supply of the vital resource — natural gas.

Aluminium’s Role in Modern Industry

Aluminium, the silvery-white metal, is the cornerstone of modernity. Its unique properties — lightweight, durable, and infinitely recyclable — make it indispensable across industries, from aviation to architecture, electronics to packaging.

The Global Aluminium Market Dynamics

Within the intricate tapestry of global aluminum production, consumption, and trade, Alba’s potential market expansion reflects larger trends. Aluminium’s demand speaks to its versatility and sustainability, marking it as a cornerstone commodity in the green economy.

Investment Potential in Aluminium Industry

The investment allure in the aluminum sector is magnetic, influenced by factors such as market listings and the stability of the companies involved. Alba’s potential expansion could serve as a beacon for investors seeking to tap into the metal’s lustrous prospects.


In the grand schema of industry and economy, Alba’s prospective leap into Tadawul is not just a business tactic; it is a statement of growth and confidence. For stakeholders and market watchers, it’s a development.

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