Futuristic Rail Travel: Hindalco and Metra SpA’s Joint Venture in High-Speed Aluminium Rail Coaches

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On September 12, Hindalco Industries announced a groundbreaking partnership with the Italian firm Metra SpA, known for its expertise in structural and value-added aluminium extrusions. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the Indian railway sector by enabling the production of high-speed aluminium rail coaches, heralding a new era in rail transportation technology in India.

Background of Hindalco Industries

Hindalco Industries, a forerunner in the aluminium industry, has consistently demonstrated its prowess in the field. With a rich history in manufacturing aluminium for diverse applications, including commercial and electric vehicles, freight wagons, and passenger trains, Hindalco is well-positioned to take on this ambitious project.

Metra SpA’s Expertise in Aluminium

Metra SpA brings to the table unparalleled expertise in aluminium extrusion, welding, and machining. This Italian firm’s knowledge and experience are instrumental in augmenting the quality and capability of high-speed rail coaches, ensuring that India gains access to world-class technology.

Advancements in High-Speed Rail Technology

The venture focuses on leveraging large-size aluminium extrusion and fabrication technology, a method previously limited to countries like China, Europe, and Japan. This technology is crucial for constructing efficient and durable rail coaches, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Benefits of Aluminium in Rail Coach Manufacturing

Aluminium rail coaches offer numerous advantages, including enhanced efficiency, durability, and sustainable performance. The use of aluminium in rail transportation significantly reduces environmental impact, aligning with global sustainability goals.

Investment and Future Projects

Hindalco plans to invest a substantial Rs 2,000 crore in this venture, specifically for the production of coaches for the Vande Bharat trains. Additionally, the company aims to introduce three new freight wagon designs, targeting specific commodities such as cement and food grains.

Impact on the Indian Rail Industry

This partnership between Hindalco and Metra SpA is poised to redefine India’s rail industry. It opens up new avenues for growth and technological advancement in rail transportation, setting a precedent for future developments in the sector.


The collaboration between Hindalco Industries and Metra SpA marks a significant milestone in the evolution of India’s railway industry. By introducing advanced aluminium rail coaches, this partnership not only enhances the efficiency and sustainability of rail transportation but also positions India at the forefront of innovative rail technology. As we look to the future, the role of aluminium in rail transportation is set to become increasingly pivotal in the journey towards sustainable development.

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