Hydro Reinforces Aluminum Supply Chain with Strategic Sanvira Tech Contract

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In a significant development for the global aluminum industry, Hydro has entered a long-term contract with Sanvira Tech LLC, strengthening its supply chain for aluminum production. Finalized in Oslo on November 27, this strategic move aims to secure a critical component in aluminum smelting: carbon anodes, from Sanvira’s facilities in Oman.

Background of Hydro and Sanvira Tech LLC

Hydro, a leading figure in the global aluminum sector, has been at the forefront of innovative aluminum production. Sanvira Tech LLC, meanwhile, has established itself as a pivotal player, especially in the supply of essential raw materials like carbon anodes.

Details of the Hydro-Sanvira Contract

The deal outlines an eight-year offtake period, with an option for extension, ensuring a steady supply of carbon anodes for Hydro’s operations. This contract is poised to cover up to 25% of the nearly 600,000 metric tons (approximately 661,387 US tons) of carbon anodes used annually by Hydro’s smelters in Norway.

The Importance of Carbon Anodes in Aluminum Smelting

Carbon anodes are essential in aluminum smelting, playing a crucial role in the electrochemical reduction of alumina. The quality of these anodes significantly affects the efficiency and environmental impact of aluminum production.

Sanvira’s New Anode Plant in Oman

Central to this agreement is Sanvira’s new anode plant in Oman, currently under construction and expected to be operational by the first quarter of 2025. Upon completion, it will undergo rigorous qualification and performance testing to meet Hydro’s stringent requirements, marking a key step in fulfilling the contract’s demands.

Strategic Implications and Market Stability

This agreement signifies Hydro’s commitment to ensuring a reliable supply of key materials for aluminum production, demonstrating strategic foresight in stabilizing its supply chain amidst global market fluctuations. It’s a move that not only strengthens Hydro’s position but also contributes to the overall stability of the aluminum market.


The Hydro-Sanvira contract is more than a business deal; it’s a strategic partnership that promises to reshape the landscape of the aluminum industry. By securing a substantial portion of its carbon anode needs, Hydro is not only enhancing its production efficiency but also setting a precedent for supply chain stability in an ever-fluctuating global market.

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