Innovating for a Greener Future: The Quest for 100% Recycled Aluminium Beverage Cans

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In today’s world, sustainability is not just a trend but a crucial element in manufacturing practices, especially in packaging industries. Among these, aluminum stands out for its recyclability and is particularly pivotal in beverage packaging.

Aluminium in Beverage Cans

The aluminum beverage can, a familiar item in our daily lives, comprises different alloys for its body and end. The body is typically made from a rolled aluminum alloy with a high content of recycled material, making it extremely conducive to recycling. However, the can end presents additional sustainability opportunities due to its different alloy composition, which has been less optimized for recyclability until now.

The Push for Higher Recyclability

The quest for improved sustainability focuses significantly on the can end. The use of recycled aluminum in can production not only saves about 95% of the energy required to produce primary aluminum but also drastically cuts down direct carbon emissions. This project aims to identify and utilize an alternative alloy for the can end that is more conducive to recycling.

The Project Initiative by EAPG

The European Aluminium Packaging Group (EAPG) is spearheading this initiative. Leveraging its extensive experience in fostering collaborative industry activities, EAPG has launched a multi-year project to enhance the recyclability of beverage can ends. This project involves key stakeholders across the can-making, filling, and closing processes, ensuring a comprehensive approach to innovation.

Benefits of Collaboration in the Aluminium Industry

According to Maarten Labberton, the Director of EAPG, this collaborative effort is essential for decarbonizing the industry. “Collaboration and pooling of expertise on this vital topic will help decarbonize our industry,” Labberton remarked. The steady increase of Deposit Return Systems across Europe also plays a crucial role, enabling more efficient recycling of cans through can-to-can remelting solutions.

Towards 100% Recycled Beverage Cans by 2030

The joint roadmap with canmakers targets achieving 100% recycling of beverage cans by 2030. This bold step is expected to significantly impact environmental sustainability and pave the way for full circularity in aluminum usage.


The aluminum industry’s move towards 100% recycled beverage cans is a significant stride towards sustainability. By supporting these advancements, consumers and stakeholders alike contribute to a greener future. As we move forward, the commitment to sustainable practices will not only preserve resources but also set new standards in the packaging industry.

This comprehensive approach underscores the potential of collaboration and innovation in achieving remarkable sustainability goals, making aluminum beverage cans an emblem of green packaging solutions.

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