Norsk Hydro’s Green Revolution: Eco-Friendly Aluminum for Innovationsbogen Project

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Norsk Hydro ASA has achieved a historic milestone with the first delivery of 100% recycled post-consumer aluminum profiles to the Innovationsbogen project in southern Germany. Explore how Hydro CIRCAL 100R aluminum is reshaping Europe’s building industry, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by over 500 metric tons and marking a paradigm shift in sustainable construction.

The Innovationsbogen Project in Southern Germany

Delve into the details of the Innovationsbogen project, where Hydro CIRCAL 100R aluminum is playing a key role in decarbonizing the building industry. Uncover the substantial reduction in carbon emissions achieved through this groundbreaking delivery.

Norsk Hydro’s Major Achievement

Eivind Kallevik, Executive Vice President of Hydro Aluminium Metal, expresses the company’s pride in covering a high-profile building in Europe with a near-zero aluminum façade. Learn about Hydro’s commitment to partnering with forward-leaning customers and its role in the global effort to decarbonize industries.

WICONA’s Contribution and Future Plans

Discover WICONA’s plans to deliver 85 metric tons of CIRCAL 100R to the Innovationsbogen project and the perspectives of Henri Gomez, Senior Vice President Hydro Building Systems, on the revolutionary possibilities of fully-recycled aluminum. Understand the importance of achieving a zero-carbon footprint in buildings for a fully circular economy.

Hydro’s Recycling Organization and Technology

Explore the challenges embraced by Hydro’s recycling organization in using complex scrap types and the role of state-of-the-art recycling technology, including sorting, shredding, and melting technologies. Recognize the competence of Hydro’s workforce in achieving this production milestone.


In conclusion, Norsk Hydro’s delivery to Innovationsbogen marks a turning point in sustainable aluminum production. Reflect on the significance of the Innovationsbogen project in advancing environmentally friendly building practices and look ahead to the bright future of aluminum production within a circular economy.

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