Redefining the Aluminium Landscape: EU’s Call for Comprehensive Sanctions on Russian Imports

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European Aluminium, a key industry group, has recently urged the European Union (EU) to intensify its sanctions on Russian aluminium, highlighting a critical juncture in the global aluminium market. This article delves into the importance of aluminium in global trade and the implications of these sanctions.

EU Sanctions and Russian Aluminium

The EU’s 12th package of sanctions, aimed at various sectors, inadequately addresses the aluminium industry according to European Aluminium. Russian aluminium, a significant player in the EU market, faces potential broadened sanctions. Paul Voss, European Aluminium’s Director General, emphasizes the urgency for more comprehensive measures.

Aluminium Import Dynamics in the EU

Recent data reveals a significant decrease in the EU’s reliance on Russian aluminium. This section explores the impact of this shift on the EU market and the potential alternatives to Russian aluminium, indicating a significant adaptation within the industry.

European Aluminium’s Strategic Position

Historically, European Aluminium has been contemplative about urging EU sanctions specifically targeting Russian aluminium, mindful of the complexities involved with sanctioning major producers like Rusal. This part discusses the strategic considerations and the influence of member companies within European Aluminium in the broader context of the global aluminium market.


The article concludes with a summary of European Aluminium’s call for expanded sanctions and a forward-looking perspective on the possible implications for the global aluminium industry. It underlines the importance of these developments for all stakeholders in the aluminium sector.

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