Revolutionizing Aluminium: The Rise of ALLOW INERTA and Sustainable Production

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In the realm of industrial innovation, the pursuit of sustainability is at the forefront. On October 19th, 2023, a monumental step was taken towards realizing this goal in the aluminium industry. China’s leading aluminium manufacturer, Mingtai Aluminum, in collaboration with RUSAL, embarked on testing ALLOW INERTA aluminium, setting a precedent for low-carbon aluminium production on Chinese soil.

ALLOW INERTA Aluminium and Inert Anode Technology ALLOW INERTA

aluminium stands out in the market, boasting the world’s lowest carbon footprint for primary aluminium, made possible through RUSAL’s pioneering inert anode technology. This advanced technology utilizes non-consumable anodes, such as ceramics or metal alloys, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions during electrolysis. Compared to the industry average of 12.5 metric tons of CO2 per metric ton of aluminum, ALLOW INERTA slashes emissions to a mere 0.01 metric tons, marking a revolutionary stride in sustainable production.

RUSAL’s Contribution to Low-Carbon

Aluminium RUSAL, a key player in the aluminium industry, has been pivotal in developing and enhancing metal production through inert anode technology. Viktor Mann, RUSAL’s Technical Director, underscores the technology’s role in reducing the carbon footprint of final products to industry-leading lows, providing a competitive edge and aligning with broader sustainable development goals.

Mingtai Aluminum’s Vision and Application of ALLOW INERTA

Mingtai Aluminum, with its commitment to sustainability and innovation, envisions integrating ALLOW INERTA aluminium in the production of foil, specifically targeting applications in the electric vehicle battery sector. YAN Shuaijie, Production Director of Mingtai Group, highlights the company’s meticulous supplier selection process, aiming to minimize environmental impact and align with decarbonization objectives.

Impact and Future Prospects The production of ALLOW INERTA

aluminium is centralized at the Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Plant, a RUSAL-owned facility. Since its initial pilot phase in 2021, the project has attracted attention and interest across various industries, producing over 4,100 metric tons of this innovative metal. The future of ALLOW INERTA aluminium shines bright, promising to redefine industry standards and propel us towards a more sustainable future.


ALLOW INERTA aluminium stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovation and commitment to sustainability. As the aluminium industry stands on the brink of a revolution, the introduction and adoption of solutions like ALLOW INERTA are not just beneficial but essential. Together, we stride confidently towards a future where sustainability is not just a goal but a reality.

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