Revolutionizing the Future: ALLOW INERTA’s Sustainable Aluminum

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Explore how ALLOW INERTA is setting new standards in aluminum production, reducing carbon footprints, and leading the way towards a sustainable future. Learn about Mingtai Aluminum’s significant role in this revolutionary journey.


On the remarkable day of October 19th, 2023, the world witnessed a significant step towards a greener future as Mingtai Aluminum, China’s largest aluminum company, initiated tests on ALLOW INERTA aluminum. This groundbreaking product from RUSAL marks a monumental shift in reducing industrial carbon emissions on Chinese soil, underlining the nation’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Understanding ALLOW INERTA Aluminum

ALLOW INERTA aluminum stands out as the world’s primary aluminum with the lowest carbon footprint, a feat achieved through cutting-edge inert anode technology. RUSAL, a leading figure in the aluminum industry, has masterminded this revolutionary product, setting a new benchmark in eco-friendly aluminum production. This technology utilizes anodes made from non-consumable materials like ceramics or metal alloys, which significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions during the electrolysis phase.

Advantages and Environmental Impact

The environmental advantages of ALLOW INERTA are substantial. Its production process reduces carbon dioxide emissions in Categories 1 and 2 (Scope 1&2) to a mere 0.01 metric tons of CO2 per metric ton of aluminum. To put this into perspective, the industry’s average stands at 12.5 metric tons of CO2, highlighting the significant reduction achieved by ALLOW INERTA. Viktor Mann, RUSAL’s Technical Director, emphasizes that this innovation is a crucial advancement for low-carbon aluminum, setting a new standard in the industry.

Mingtai Aluminum’s Role and Vision

Mingtai Aluminum plans to leverage ALLOW INERTA aluminum in producing foil, with a particular focus on the electric vehicle battery sector within the electrical engineering domain. YAN Shuaijie, Production Director of Mingtai Group, expresses that this initiative is the culmination of extensive research and a strategic choice aligned with the company’s decarbonization goals. The adoption of ALLOW INERTA represents a significant stride towards creating products with minimal environmental impact.

Industry Adoption and Future Prospects

Since the initial batches of ALLOW INERTA aluminum shipped out in 2021 from the Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Plant (KrAZ), owned by RUSAL, the project has captivated the interest of leading companies across diverse industries including packaging, energy, automotive, and electronics. With over 4,100 metric tons of metal produced during the pilot testing phase, ALLOW INERTA has proven its potential and is poised to play a pivotal role in the future of sustainable aluminum production.


In summary, the collaboration between Mingtai Aluminum and RUSAL in bringing ALLOW INERTA to the forefront of the aluminum industry marks a pivotal moment in the journey towards sustainability. This innovation not only sets new standards in reducing carbon footprints but also underscores the critical importance of adopting environmentally friendly practices in industrial production. As we move forward, the onus is on industries worldwide to embrace this revolutionary change and contribute to a sustainable future.

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