Understanding Aluminum Plate Grades: A Comprehensive Guide

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Aluminum plates are integral components in numerous industries, offering a wide range of properties and applications. Let’s explore the different series of aluminum plates and gain insights into their compositions and uses.

Introduction to Aluminum Plate Grades

Aluminum plates are categorized into different series based on their compositions, each serving distinct purposes in various industries.

Pure Aluminum Plates (1000 Series)

The 1000 series comprises pure aluminum plates with aluminum as the main component, such as the commonly known 1060 aluminum plate.

Alloy Aluminum Plates

Alloy aluminum plates are divided into series ranging from 2 to 8, each incorporating different alloying elements to enhance specific properties.

2000 Series Aluminum Pl

Aluminum plates in the 2000 series feature copper as the main alloy element, making them suitable for aerospace applications due to their hardness and durability.

3000 Series Aluminum Plates

With manganese as the primary alloy element, the 3000 series aluminum plates offer anti-rust properties, making them ideal for use in humid environments like air conditioners and refrigerators.

4000 Series Aluminum Plates

Aluminum plates in the 4000 series, while less commonly used, also contain manganese as the main alloy element.

5000 Series Aluminum Plates

The 5000 series represents the most commonly used aluminum alloy plates, including renowned brands like 5052 and 5083, widely employed in various industrial applications.

6000 Series Aluminum Plates

Aluminum plates in the 6000 series combine silicon and magnesium as the main alloy elements, showcasing solid heat-melt treated properties, as seen in the 6061-T6 aluminum plate.

7000 Series Aluminum Plates

Featuring brands like 7075, the 7000 series aluminum plates boast hardness comparable to the 2000 series, primarily used in specialized applications.

8000 Series Aluminum Plates

Mainly represented by 8011, aluminum plates in the 8000 series are utilized for making bottle caps, catering to specific packaging needs.


Understanding the diverse range of aluminum plate grades provides valuable insights into their applications across different industries. Whether in aerospace, construction, or packaging, each series offers unique properties, contributing to their widespread use and versatility.

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