Vietnam’s Ambitious Investment in Aluminum Production: Boosting Domestic Supply and Global Presence

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In recent news, the Vietnamese government has unveiled ambitious plans to bolster the country’s alumina and aluminum production. This strategic initiative, spearheaded by the coal and mining industry group Vinacomin, entails significant investments aimed at meeting the burgeoning domestic demand for aluminum while positioning Vietnam as a key player in the global market.

Expansion Plans and Projects

The investment plan, totaling a staggering 182 trillion VND (approximately US$7.3 billion), focuses primarily on the implementation of two bauxite exploration projects and five refining projects in Dak Nong Province, situated on the central plateau of Vietnam. Vinacomin’s strategy involves expanding and upgrading the existing Nhan Co alumina plant to ramp up annual alumina production from 650,000 tons to an impressive 2 million tons. Concurrently, plans are underway to augment the production capacity of the nearby Dak Nong bauxite-alumina complex, with projections indicating an increase in annual alumina production to 2 million tons and aluminum production to 500,000-1 million tons.

Resource Potential in Dak Nong Province

Dak Nong Province boasts abundant bauxite reserves, estimated at a staggering 5.4 billion tons. This rich resource base provides a solid foundation for Vinacomin’s investment endeavors, ensuring a sustainable and reliable supply chain for alumina and aluminum production.

Economic Impact and Market Position

The investment in alumina and aluminum production holds immense economic potential for Vietnam. By bolstering production scale and capacity, Vietnam aims to meet both domestic and international market demands, thereby stimulating economic growth and development. Industry experts anticipate that these strategic investments will significantly elevate Vietnam’s standing in the global aluminum market, positioning the country as a formidable player in the years to come.


In conclusion, Vietnam’s ambitious investment in alumina and aluminum production signifies a transformative step towards enhancing domestic supply and asserting its presence in the global market. With robust expansion plans, abundant resource reserves, and promising economic prospects, Vietnam is poised to emerge as a key hub in the aluminum industry, driving growth and prosperity for years to come.

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