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Just a quick word about myself. I am a romance reader from Northern California. I got interested in the "wiki" world while looking at romance authors listed on wikipedia and then found this site.

Reading and waiting

I am in a real slump on the reading front. Gobbled up the new SEP and SB and am not going through my TBR pile while putting myself on a book spending budget. --Kay T 19:40, 21 April 2009 (UTC)



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Helpful Links

#REDIRECT [[pagename]]

Author Template


{{DEFAULTSORT: Last name, first name}}
[[Category: Authors - X]]
'''AUTHOR NAME''' and general discussion about the author - honors, influences, special characteristics.

== See Also ==
* [[PSEUDONYM]] - If an author writes under multiple names, list them here.

== On the Web ==
* [ AUTHOR NAME] - this is an author's main website
* [ OTHER SITE] -- such as a blog or special publisher pages

== Books ==
=== Fiction ===
* [[TITLE OF BOOK]] - Year published ([[PUBLISHER]])
=== Non-Fiction ===

== Novellas ==

== Series/Related Titles ==

This is a great place to aggregate the various series and related titles.

== Awards/Honors ==

Book Template


[[Category:]][[Category: XXXX Releases]]
* '''Author''': [[AUTHOR NAME]]
* '''Publisher''': [[Publisher Name]]
* '''Year''': Year Published
* '''Setting''': Information about the setting.
* '''Amazon Listing''' -


== Awards == 
== Related Titles ==

== Reviews ==
* [Link To Reviews]

Help:Same Title Multiple Authors

The content of the title disambiguation page is as follows:

[[category:Books - Same Title]] 
''Book title'' is the title of books by:

* [[book title - author name|1]] - [[author name]], date, (Publisher)
* [[book title - author name|2]] - [[author name]], date, (Publisher)

Section linking (anchors)

Links in the form [[#anchor_name]] will link to any anchor named "anchor_name" on the page. This may be either a heading named "anchor_name", or an arbitrary position. [[#top]] is a reserved name that links to the top of a page. It is possible to create an arbitrary anchor name using the HTML code <span id="anchor_name"></span>.

Anchor links can also be appended to any type of link; for more information, see Help:Section#Section_linking.

Problems with page name conversion

Note that if the page name is automatically converted (for example, from "/wiki/main Page" to "/wiki/Main Page"), the section link will still work but will disappear from the address bar. As a consequence, this will make it more difficult to bookmark the section itself. This is not applicable for wikilinks, because the conversions have already taken place on Preview or Save of the referring page.

For example, consider In this case, the anchor part of the address will disappear because the "how" will be converted to "How".

Section linking

In the HTML code for each section there is an anchor element HTML element "a" with both "name" and "id" attributes holding the section title. This enables linking directly to sections. These section anchors are automatically used by MediaWiki when it generates a Table of Contents for the page, but you can also use them to manually link directly to one section within a page.

The HTML code generated at the beginning of this section, for example, is:

<p><a name="Section_linking" id="Section_linking"></a></p>
<h2>Section linking</h2>

A link to this section (Section Linking) looks like this: [[Help:Section#Section_linking|Section Linking]]

To link to a section in the same page you can use [[#id|link_label]], and to link to a section in another page [[page name#id|link_label]].

To create an anchor target without a section header, you can use a span, for example: <span id="anchor_name"></span>, however this won't work with some very old browsers.

An underscore and number are appended to duplicate section names. E.g. for three sections named "Example", the names (for section linking) will be "Example", "Example_2" and "Example_3".

Note that using the date formatting feature in section headers complicates section linking.

An internal link in a section header does not give complications.

Setting a default sort key

The default sort key of a page for categories can be changed using the new {{DEFAULTSORT}} magic word. For instance, on George Washington, {{DEFAULTSORT:Washington, George}} would cause a subsequent [[Category:United States presidents]] to be equivalent to [[Category:United States presidents|Washington, George]], not [[Category:United States presidents|George Washington]]. This is especially useful when the article belongs in many categories.

Created my page

--Kay T 15:05, 10 December 2006 (PST)