Aluminum Profiles: Paving the Way for a Revolution in Transportation and Industry

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The industrial aluminum profile industry stands at the brink of a significant evolution. This article delves into the distinction between aluminum building and industrial profiles and their burgeoning applications.

Market Overview and Demand Analysis

Currently, the construction industry dominates aluminum profile consumption. However, there’s a noticeable shift towards increased demand in the industrial sector, particularly in transportation, signaling a market evolution.

Expansion in the Transportation Sector

The transportation sector, especially rail transit construction, is witnessing a surge in the use of aluminum profiles. This trend signifies a major driving force behind the demand for industrial aluminum profiles.

Rail Transit Construction: Status and Future Plans

Under the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan,” urban rail transit, including light rails and subways, is undergoing significant expansion. This section will outline the plan’s impact on major cities and future rail transit development.

Rail Transit Vehicles: Growth and Trends

We’ll explore the steady growth in urban rail transit vehicles and how this increase affects the aluminum profile industry, particularly focusing on the rising operating mileage of urban rail subways.

Market Projections for Urban Rail Vehicles

From 2013 to 2015, the market for urban rail vehicles is projected to be vast, with considerations for maintenance costs included. This segment will provide financial insights and market potential.

Aluminum Profile Demand in Rail Transit Vehicles

An analysis of demand trends reveals a substantial increase in aluminum profile consumption in rail transit vehicles, with predictions indicating continued growth.


Aluminum profiles are increasingly becoming a linchpin in the industrial sector. The article concludes with an overview of future opportunities and the potential landscape of the aluminum profile industry.

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