Collaboration for Fair Trade: North American Aluminium Industry Calls for a New Era

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In the dynamic landscape of global trade, the aluminium industry stands as a vital player, fostering economic growth and job creation across North America. Recently, a significant development has emerged, signaling a new chapter in the realm of aluminium trade—a call for the establishment of the North American Aluminium Trade Committee (NAATC) by the Aluminium Association in the US, Instituto Mexicano del Aluminio, and the Aluminium Association of Canada.


At the heart of this call for collaboration lies the recognition of the pivotal role that fair aluminium trade plays in the prosperity of the region. As the three major aluminium bodies advocate for the formation of NAATC, it becomes imperative to delve deeper into the significance of this initiative and its implications for the aluminium industry in North America.

The Significance of Aluminium Trade in North America

Aluminium production and trade in North America have long been integral to the region’s economic fabric. With the Aluminium Association in the US representing a substantial portion of aluminium production and jobs, alongside the efforts of Instituto Mexicano del Aluminio and the Aluminium Association of Canada, the industry accounts for a significant share of the market. Not only does this bolster economic growth, but it also sustains hundreds of thousands of well-paying manufacturing jobs, underscoring its importance in the region.

Need for Collaboration: Formation of NAATC

Against this backdrop, the call for the establishment of NAATC gains prominence. This proposed committee aims to formalize consultation and collaboration between the aluminium industries and their respective governments, facilitating discussions on pertinent issues and swiftly addressing challenges in the domestic market. By fostering collaboration among government, industry, and non-governmental stakeholders, NAATC seeks to eliminate distortions in North American aluminium trade and ensure a level playing field for all stakeholders involved.

Ensuring Fair Trade: USMCA Framework

Central to the objectives of NAATC is the adherence to the principles outlined in the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Emphasizing the commitment to free and fair trade, the aluminium bodies advocate for the framework set forth by USMCA to guide the trade of aluminium within North America. As preparations commence for the 2026 review of the agreement, there is optimism that the identified issues will be addressed, paving the way for continued cooperative trade in the region.


In conclusion, the call for the establishment of NAATC marks a significant step towards fostering collaboration and ensuring fair trade practices within the North American aluminium industry. As stakeholders unite in their commitment to the principles of free and fair trade, the future holds promise for a thriving aluminium sector that continues to drive economic growth and prosperity across the region.

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