Collaboration for Fair Trade: North American Aluminium Industry Calls for a New Era

Discover how the Aluminium Association in the US, Instituto Mexicano del Aluminio, and the Aluminium Association of Canada are championing fair trade through the formation of the North American Aluminium Trade Committee (NAATC). Explore the significance of aluminium trade in North America and learn about the collaborative efforts underway to ensure a prosperous future for the industry.

The Ripple Effects of Declining Turkish Bauxite Exports on Global Aluminum Supply Chains

Delve into the recent dramatic downturn in Turkish bauxite exports, its causes, and the far-reaching consequences for the global aluminum industry, particularly for major consumers like China. Discover how geopolitical tensions and logistical challenges are reshaping market dynamics and what the future may hold for global bauxite supply.

Revolutionizing Industries: The Role of Aluminum Hard Oxidation in Modern Applications

Introduction Aluminum, a metal known for its versatility and strength, is revolutionizing modern industries through advanced surface treatment processes like hard oxidation. This process not only improves the metal’s aesthetic appeal but also its functional attributes. The Dyeing Process Explained The process, akin to creating an imitation gold effect, involves first oxidizing the aluminum and …