Demystifying Aluminum Alloy Grades: What T5 Means in 6063-T5 Profiles

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In the world of industrial aluminum profiles, deciphering alloy brands can be perplexing. A common query that often arises is the meaning of “T5” in aluminum profile 6063-T5. Let’s unravel this mystery and explore the significance behind these alloy classifications.

Understanding Aluminum Alloy 6063

At the heart of this query lies the 6063 aluminum alloy, a medium-strength heat-treatable alloy. Belonging to the AL-Mg-Si series, specifically the sixth series of aluminum alloys, it boasts properties that make it a popular choice in various applications.

Decoding “T5” in 6063-T5

The key to understanding lies in the T5 classification, indicating a specific heat treatment process. “T5” signifies artificial aging after cooling from the molding temperature, enhancing the alloy’s strength and durability.

Aluminum Alloy Grade Description

Delving deeper, the Aluminum Association’s grading system sheds light on the alloy’s composition. The first digit reveals the primary alloying element, while the second digit indicates modifications to the original alloy. The third and fourth digits signify the original alloy or individual alloy code.

Application and Significance

Why does this matter? Knowing the alloy grade is crucial for customers selecting industrial aluminum profiles. It empowers them to make informed decisions based on the alloy’s properties and intended applications.


In conclusion, demystifying aluminum alloy grades, particularly understanding “T5” in 6063-T5 profiles, is a step toward informed decision-making. As customers, having clarity on these classifications ensures that the chosen aluminum profiles align with specific project requirements, unlocking the full potential of this versatile material.

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