Exploring 20×20 T Slot Aluminium Extrusion Profiles

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Introduction to 20×20 T Slot Aluminium Extrusion Profiles

20×20 T Slot aluminium extrusion profiles are a cornerstone in the world of modular structural frameworks, especially valued for their versatility and ease of use. These profiles, typically measuring 20mm by 20mm, are integral to constructing various lightweight structures across industries. They are distinguished by their T-shaped slots, which facilitate easy assembly and flexibility in design. This feature allows for a wide range of applications, from simple instrument racks to complex machinery frameworks. The 20×20 T Slot profiles are particularly popular in the machinery industry, where their simple yet generous appearance is highly appreciated. Their popularity stems from the balance they offer between lightweight design and sufficient structural integrity, making them ideal for both industrial and hobbyist applications​​​​.

Detailed Specifications of 20×20 T Slot Profiles

The 20×20 T Slot aluminium extrusion profiles come with precise specifications that make them suitable for a myriad of applications. These profiles typically feature a slot width of 6.2 mm and a section size of 20 mm × 20 mm, with a t-slot height of 6.1 mm. The diagonal bar’s thickness is usually around 1.5 mm, ensuring a balance between lightweight design and structural strength. Such dimensions contribute to the profile’s versatility, making it suitable for light-duty structural frameworks. The weight of these profiles is another critical factor, with a typical 20×20 profile weighing around 0.50 kg/m. This lightness makes them easy to handle and manipulate, adding to their convenience in various settings. Moreover, their mass of inertia and section modulus are tailored to provide the necessary stability and strength for light-weight applications​​.

Comparison with Other Series Profiles

The 20×20 T Slot aluminium extrusion profiles are part of a broader family of T Slot profiles, each with its unique dimensions and applications. Comparatively, the 20×40 and 20×60 profiles, for instance, offer more substantial dimensions, making them suitable for applications that require greater strength and support. The 20×40 profile, with six 8mm t-slot openings, provides two mounting slots per face and one per end, increasing its adaptability for more extensive frameworks. On the other hand, the 20×60 profile, with its larger section size and increased weight (1.29 kg/m), is ideal for frameworks that demand higher tension, strength, and braced force. These variations in size and weight across the series allow for a broad range of applications, catering to specific needs within different industries, from automotive to industrial automation​​​​.

Applications in Different Industries

The 20×20 T Slot aluminium extrusion profiles find their use in a diverse array of industries, underlining their versatility. In the machinery industry, they are commonly used for assembling light-weight structural frameworks like instrument racks and engine covers. Their easy assembly and disassembly make them ideal for temporary structures like display boards. The automotive industry also finds these profiles beneficial for constructing lightweight yet robust components. Similarly, in industrial automation, these profiles are used to create modular structures that can be easily reconfigured as per changing needs. This wide range of applications showcases the adaptability of the 20×20 T Slot profiles, making them a go-to solution for various engineering and design challenges across multiple sectors​​​​.

Assembly and Customization Options

The assembly of 20×20 T Slot aluminium extrusion profiles is straightforward, thanks to their design. The profiles are typically compatible with standard M6 bolts and T-nuts, facilitating easy connection and disassembly. For higher strength requirements, the use of M6 bolts in conjunction with sliding nuts is recommended to enhance the framework’s robustness. The T-slot design allows for easy attachment of various accessories and connectors, making customization a breeze. Users can incorporate everything from hinges, handles, and locks to custom brackets and plates. This level of customization is particularly beneficial in settings where the requirements are unique and change frequently. The ease of assembly and the range of customization options make these profiles a favorite among engineers and hobbyists alike​​​​.


The 20×20 T Slot aluminium extrusion profiles are a testament to the ingenuity and versatility of modern engineering materials. Their lightweight design, combined with sufficient strength and ease of assembly, makes them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications across various industries. Whether it’s for a simple project at home or a complex industrial application, these profiles offer a reliable and flexible solution. The ability to customize and adapt these profiles to meet specific needs further adds to their appeal, making them a valuable tool in any builder’s arsenal. As the demand for versatile and efficient construction materials grows, the 20×20 T Slot aluminium extrusion profiles stand out as a prime example of innovation meeting practicality.

FAQ Generation

Q1: What are 20×20 T Slot aluminium extrusion profiles used for? A1: 20×20 T Slot aluminium extrusion profiles are used in various industries for assembling lightweight structural frameworks. Common applications include instrument racks, display boards, engine covers in machinery, and modular constructions in automotive and industrial automation.

Q2: How do the specifications of 20×20 T Slot profiles enhance their usability? A2: The specifications of 20×20 T Slot profiles, such as their 6.2 mm slot width, 20 mm × 20 mm section size, and lightweight design, make them versatile for light-duty applications. These dimensions provide a balance of ease of handling and sufficient structural strength.

Q3: Can 20×20 T Slot profiles be customized for different applications? A3: Yes, 20×20 T Slot profiles offer extensive customization options. They are compatible with standard M6 bolts and T-nuts, allowing for easy assembly and disassembly. Various accessories can be attached, making these profiles adaptable for unique project requirements.

Q4: How do 20×20 T Slot profiles compare to other T Slot series profiles? A4: Compared to other T Slot series profiles like 20×40 and 20×60, 20×20 profiles are more suitable for light-duty applications due to their smaller size and weight. The larger profiles offer greater strength and support, making them ideal for more demanding applications.

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