Hydro’s Green Milestone: Pioneering Near-Zero Aluminum Façade with Hydro CIRCAL 100R

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The landscape of sustainable architecture in Europe has witnessed a revolutionary change, with Hydro’s introduction of a near-zero aluminum façade for a high-profile building. This groundbreaking project in Augsburg, Germany, not only showcases Hydro’s dedication to eco-friendly innovations but also solidifies its commitment to playing a role in global decarbonization.

Hydro CIRCAL 100R: A Game-Changer in Building Materials

As part of this ambitious endeavor, WICONA will supply an impressive 85 tonnes of Hydro CIRCAL 100R, emphasizing the increasing demand for recycled aluminum. Unlike conventional aluminum sources, post-consumer scrap promises a significantly reduced carbon footprint. When juxtaposed with primary aluminum or pre-consumer/process scrap, the sustainability advantages are evident.

Revolutionizing Architectural Possibilities with Recycled Aluminum

Henri Gomez, the Senior Vice President of Hydro Building Systems, elucidates the transformative power of Hydro CIRCAL 100R in architecture. “With Hydro CIRCAL 100R, we’re not just providing another construction material; we’re granting architects and builders a medium to manifest their sustainability vision,” Gomez explains. He further champions the potential of achieving zero-carbon footprints in edifices, advocating for a fully circular economy.

Challenges and Innovations in Recycling Post-consumer Aluminum

Yet, the journey to create a product like Hydro CIRCAL 100R is riddled with challenges. Recycling 100% post-consumer aluminum scrap is no straightforward feat, given the numerous contaminants it amasses over its lifecycle. Eivind Kallevik, the Executive Vice President of Hydro Aluminium Metal, underscores Hydro’s resilience in navigating these challenges. Kallevik celebrates Hydro’s innovative recycling technologies and the adept workforce behind the successful utilization of complex scrap types.


Hydro’s feat in Augsburg isn’t just about an iconic building or an innovative material. It encapsulates the aluminum industry’s potential to pivot towards a sustainable future. As companies like Hydro continue to trailblaze, it paints a hopeful picture for the planet, one aluminum façade at a time.

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