The Global Aluminium Dance: A Tale of Demand Shifts from Europe to China

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The industrial aluminium market is ever-evolving, and Europe’s recent trajectory highlights significant fluctuations in demand.

European Aluminium Market Dynamics

Europe’s annual “mating season” — a period earmarked for sealing vital aluminium supply agreements — has been subdued this year. The current climate sees companies in transport, construction, and packaging sectors treading cautiously. As echoed at the Fastmarkets aluminium conference in Barcelona, “Supply chain destocking is underway, and the fear of over-commitment looms large.” With a bleak European economic outlook, industry experts project contract tonnages to be finalized only by November.

The German and Eurozone Economic Context

Germany, the stalwart economy of Europe, suffered a larger-than-expected blow with a significant drop in its industrial production this past July. This, coupled with a sharp decline in Eurozone business activity, paints a somber picture for aluminium demand.

Shipping & Demand Concerns

ZED Trading has not been immune to these shifts. Ameera Abdulaziz of ZED Trading highlighted delays in alumina shipments to the Middle East and aluminium to Europe due to soft demand.

BNP Paribas Insight on Aluminium Demand

BNP Paribas’ David Wilson offers a sobering view, noting that the “European demand shows no imminent signs of recovery. It’s wilting across sectors.” His observations are underscored by the alarming drop in aluminium billets’ premium, which has plummeted by about $1,000 in just 18 months.

Alumil’s Market Position

However, not all view the reduced demand as a setback. Alumil, a prominent name in Greece’s aluminium product manufacturing, finds a silver lining in the current climate. The potential order drop has been countered by their advantageous position when buying billets. As Alumil’s Sotiris Voulgarakis remarked, “I receive quotes within minutes for tenders.”

Aluminium Demand in the U.S.

Across the Atlantic, the U.S. aluminium market remains resilient. The demand, particularly from the aerospace and automotive sectors, stands strong, even as other sectors like industrial and packaging trail.

The Chinese Aluminium Market

In a twist, China, the global aluminium consumption titan, defies expectations with a robust demand. Bucking predictions of a slump amid economic challenges, China’s electric vehicle market booms, compensating for global demand dips. Furthermore, the government’s drive to finalize stalled housing projects lends additional momentum to the demand.


As the aluminium market navigates these varied landscapes, it becomes evident that understanding these regional dynamics is pivotal for stakeholders. The contrast in demand, from Europe’s caution to China’s robust uptake, offers rich insights for future strategies in the aluminium industry.

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