Jamaica’s Mining Industry Leaps Forward: A Breakthrough in Alumina Production

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The Jamaican mining industry has seen a dramatic transformation, according to recent data from the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ). The third quarter of 2023 marked a significant milestone, with a 102% increase in the industry’s actual value added, largely attributed to a sharp rise in alumina production.

The Rise in Alumina Production

This period witnessed alumina capacity utilization in Jamaica soar by 24.5 percentage points, reaching 42.4%. An even more astonishing figure is the 136.6% increase in alumina production. Key to this unprecedented growth were the improved capacity utilizations at the Windalco and Jamalco refineries, which significantly boosted alumina output.

Contrast with Bauxite Utilization

Intriguingly, this growth in alumina production comes amidst a decline in bauxite utilization. The average utilization rate of Jamaican bauxite fell by 2.1 percentage points to 40.7%, with raw bauxite ore output also dropping by 4.9%. This decline reflects a decreased demand from overseas buyers, presenting a stark contrast to the booming alumina sector.

Strategic Response to Market Dynamics

Faced with the challenges of declining bauxite production, the Jamaican mining industry has adeptly shifted its focus, optimizing resource allocation and boosting capacity utilization. This strategic pivot not only showcases the industry’s resilience but also highlights Jamaica’s ability to adapt to global market changes.

Implications and Future Outlook

The rapid growth in alumina production is a significant development for Jamaica’s mining industry, with potential far-reaching impacts on the global aluminum market. This advancement indicates a promising future, suggesting an increasing role for Jamaica in the international aluminum sector.


The story of Jamaica’s alumina production in 2023 is one of remarkable growth and strategic adaptation. It underscores the nation’s potential in the global mining industry and serves as a testament to its flexible, innovative approach to market challenges.

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